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  Modular structure = short delivery time

  New products: programmable sensor

  Modular structure = short delivery time up   
Modular structure Modular structure

The modular structure of our sensors is the basis of a rapid and inexpensive development and production of customer-specific measurement solutions even in small numbers.

Customer orientation

Central aim of our quality management system is the customer orientation in all aspects of our business.

An early participation in product selection and design process guarantees to find the best measuring solution for the customer and is the foundation for a long-term partnership.

  New Products: programmable sensor up   
New Products: programmable sensor New Products: programmable sensor series SM41, SM43

Introducing the new programmable sensors series SM41 and SM43

The sensor is completely sealed in a stainles steel housing with a diameter of 25mm.

The analog signal of the inductive sensor is digitised in a 16-bit A/D converter and processed in a micro-controller. The signal is linearised using the sensor's eeprom-stored variance of accuracy.

Through a 16-bit D/A converter the digital information is transformed back into a scaled analog output signal of 0(4)-20mA or 0-5(10)V.

The measuring stroke can be individually programmed by the user.